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Automate Prospecting.
Automate Outreach.
Automate Success.

Erase manual prospecting and outreach in your recruiting business & spend more time building relationships.

Recruiting Automation Academy (Coming Soon)

Curated videos on some of the most valuable automations for recruiting companies

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Whether you've got a full team, making your first hire, or a you're one recruiter army - we'll build systems that grow with your business.If you want to see what those systems could look like go ahead and book some time with us.We offer a complimentary audit of your process, even if we don't end up working together.

P.S. We only work with a 1-2 new clients each month

About the Founders

Roshan Kathir

Crafting solutions for complex data challenges - that's what I do at Kale.Drawing from my background in harnessing data and maximizing efficiency, I design + build automated prospecting and qualifying systems so we can empower BD teams to do what they actually are meant to do.Having worked across a spectrum of software companies as a software developer, I know what it takes to come up with innovative solutions to challenges of any size!

Michael Ellis

I’m a B2B outbound leader with a proven track record of generating leads through hundreds of thousands of cold emails.Through both overseeing a large team and sending emails myself, I have a strong grasp of what works (and what doesn’t).